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Welcome to Harmel, the region of lush harmony!

In this temperate region of mild summers and mild winters, Pokémon are trusted partners and humans live at peace with nature. Primarily forested with wild routes suited to feet or mounted Pokémon but never cars, Harmel is a land of boundless and untamed natural beauty.

It is common in this region for young men and woman to undergo a rite of passage known as a Seeking, where they set off into the region to explore its depths and bond with Pokémon partners of their own to deepen their connection to the world around them. To test their bonds and their training, custom dictates that they challenge the eight sages. Those who pass the test of each sage may take the title of champion, an honor held by only a few seekers throughout the land.

Yet this year, with less seekers holding the title of “Champion” than the region has ever known, both ties and traditions will be tested by the region to the north.

Home Page

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